Teacher Resources

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6 Traits of Writing Books & Lessons

We have a collection of books and corresponding lessons emphasizing each of the six traits of writing!
  • Ideas and Content
  • Organization
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluencey
  • Voice
  • Conventions
These books are searchable through our library system!
  • If you are in the library, go to the main search screen
  • If you are using another computer, go to the Library Media Serivces department site, and click on INSIGNIA icon to take you to the search screen.  (Remember to make sure to highlight the HAYESVILLE LIBRARY--it tends to default to ALL LIBRARIES.)
  • When in the main search screen, go to KIOSK search.
  • Click on TEACHER RESOURCES icon
  • Click on the WRITING TRAITS icon 

There are lesson plans to accompany the books, located in folders in our professional section! 

Animated Hero Classics

Also available for teachers to use with their curriculum is a series DVDs entitled Animated Hero Classics. 
The series features these famous inventors, statesmen, explorers, and historical figures:
Christopher Columbus, William Bradford (1st Thanksgiving), George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, Pocahontas, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Graham Bell, Harriet Tubman, and The Wright Brothers. 
Each DVD runs approximately 30 minutes and includes a teacher's guide with 40+ pages of lessons and ideas. 

Linda's Links to Literature

The district has a subscription to Linda's Links to Literature, a  website that gives teachers access to lesson plans and activities for thousands of books!
If you are looking for more curriculum ideas to accompany your favorite read alouds or lit. group books, this is a valuable resource!
See your library ladies for our username and password!

District AV and Shared Literature Collection

Our district's Library Media Support Services has hundreds of videos, kits, and lit. sets available for teacher checkout! 
Search by topic, title, author or keyword, and reserve your materials from your computer! 
Go to the Library Media Support Services department page, www.libmedia.salkeiz.k12.or.us.  Under Resources, click on DISTRICT AV COLLECTION.
If you've not checked out materials from LMSS in the last year or so, come see Penny, Carrie or Mary to get your district AV account activated!