Attached below is the Back-to-School Newsletter.

This is the Welcome Back Message from Principal Halter that can be found in the newsletter:

Dear Hayesville Families,

I have been thinking about all of you so often and I trust this message finds everyone in good health and ready to begin a new school year! September is the time of year when students greatly anticipate the adventure that is to come and are excited to reconnect with friends, teachers, and staff. I can hardly wait to see you and your student; to observe their delight as they discover a new classroom, make a new friend, and find a teacher who they can trust will work hard to ensure they have an incredible school experience.
As always, the staff at Hayesville diligently pursue excellence in their professional lives. Our goal is to ensure your child is not only loved; we are committed to see them reach their full potential through careful reflection of all systems within the walls of our school. This is a matter we do not take lightly.

Two ways your child can achieve excellence in their “job” (which is school) is to ensure that they come each and every day. We believe if students come, they will learn. The truth is, when students miss even one day, it’s really hard for them to make up lost time. Our teachers have a strong sense of urgency, they cherish every moment with your child and refuse to waste a single second.
Another way for them to achieve excellence is by doing their homework. We have had a policy in the past which focused on communication. While we still value use of communication, we see the merit in encouraging children to have a reading life and to practice the math concepts they have been working on in the classroom setting.

Please come by and see me. With my “open door” policy, my hope is that you will find me to be welcoming, honest, and compassionate. I look forward to earning your trust, respect, and friendship.

Take Care
Michelle Halter, Principal, Hayesville Elementary School